Bad Queers

Just because you licked it... I Episode 87

November 22, 2021 Season 1 Episode 87
Bad Queers
Just because you licked it... I Episode 87
Show Notes

This week, we give you a full review of Twenties, Queens and Insecure. Shana attempts to convince Kris to see the new Wicked Movie.  The Black and Brown LGBTQ+ Community does not feel safe in the UK. We call out fuck boys and friend hookups gone wrong in Am I a Bad Queer?  And Happy Holidays everyone!

 George M. Johnson. Right now, All Boys Aren’t Blue is being banned not only from schools, but also libraries. And there is a criminal complaint filed against it in Florida (and 9 other states). Ways to support is buy the book, share from George’s page, reach out to school boards and share about this publicly, vote, etc. Follow @iamgmjohnson

Kris: Vanessa Nakate - Climate change activist from Uganda. A beautiful warning at the Youth4Climate COP26 event. Uganda has one of the fastest changing climates on Earth so they are seeing the climate crisis’ most dangerous effects firsthand. Africa is the LOWEST emitter of CO2 emissions of all continents - except Antarctica. Please support Vanessa by purchasing her book, A Bigger Picture: My Fight to Bring a New African Voice to the Climate Crisis. Go watch her speech Youth4Climate - You cannot adapt to lost traditions, lost history, you cannot adapt to starvation, you cannot adapt to extinction. No more empathy promises. Follow IG: @vanessanakate1

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