Bad Queers

The Chappelle Sh*t Show I Episode 81

October 11, 2021 HER App Season 1 Episode 81
Bad Queers
The Chappelle Sh*t Show I Episode 81
Show Notes

Dave Chappelle cannot leave the queers alone. We give the full recap of "The Closer" comedy special on Netflix, and the second to last episode of The L Word: Generation Q. Also, WTF is happening in the NWSL and WNBA? And you know you don't have to be Black to watch Black shows, right? Last but not least, it's time for navigating the holidays while in a relationship.

 Transgender Emergency Fund - Provides critical assistance to low-income transgender people in Massachusetts. Follow @transemergencyfund

Kris: April ‘Skyy’ Blair - Author, screenwriter and playwright from Memphis, TN. Who wrote 4 of my fav black queer books that I’m re-reading - Choices, Consequences, Crossroads, and Full Circle with lead characters Lena and Denise.  Follow @simplyskyy

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