Bad Queers

Victoria's Secret Karen I Episode 69

July 19, 2021 HER App Season 1 Episode 69
Bad Queers
Victoria's Secret Karen I Episode 69
Show Notes

WTF happened to white women this week? Victoria's Secret Karen and Maria Taylor are at the forefront of this chaotic behavior. Emmy's are coming for diversity in the best way. ESPY's are giving Black women their flowers. LA Black Pride is a hot mess and queer married couples need to get into night life.

Shana -
 Shoutout to Shelli (@ayoshelli) for this weeks shoutout.  Lavender Loveseat (@lavender_loveseat) is a queer fam flipping furniture in Chicago in order to keep our stuff out of landfill. 10% of their proceeds go to the Chicago Community Jail Support (@chicommunityjailsupport) - a mutual aid network that supports those who are recently released from Cook County Jail 

Kris - Terell Davis (@MintyBongWater) for truly being the good vibes dispenser he claims to be. His videos put me in an instant great mood. If Black Boy Joy was a person 

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