Bad Queers

Reclaim Girlfriend | Episode 183

November 13, 2023 Shana & Kris Season 1 Episode 183
Bad Queers
Reclaim Girlfriend | Episode 183
Show Notes

October was an especially violent month for our Black trans and GNC family. Rest in absolute peace to Skylar Harrison, A'neé Roberson, Chyna Long, Dominic Dupree, Lisa Love, and London Price.

In slightly better news, the "lesser evil" party picked up some key election day W's. The NWSL season is drawing to an entertaining close as college women's hoops got off to an entertaining opening week.

Does being a "gentlewoman" perpetuate toxic male stereotypes? How to stop being a scapegoat for a friend's bad behavior and navigating the (still) toxic sports industry all in AIABQ.


Shana: The Lezthetician - Black, Queer esthetician, lovingly known as a lezthetician, based in LA . Prioritizing skincare for the LGBTQ+ community and according to THEM they are changing trans skincare for the better through top surgery and FFS post-op treatments. Follow on IG @thelezthetician 

Kris: A'ja Wilson - upcoming book “Dear Black Girls How to Be True to You”, out Feb. 2024. Through honest stories and inspiring lessons from her life, A’ja Wilson reminds us to never doubt who we are or apologize for being true to ourselves. Dear Black Girls is a must-read for every Black girl out there.”  Follow on IG @aja22wilson

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