Bad Queers

Not so frequently asked questions (w/Moe Ari from Hinge) I Episode 179

October 16, 2023 Shana & Kris Season 1 Episode 179
Bad Queers
Not so frequently asked questions (w/Moe Ari from Hinge) I Episode 179
Show Notes

We've got company! Welcome Moe Ari, Love and Connection Expert from Hinge. In this episode we celebrate National Coming Out Day by sharing Moe's coming out journey, navigating their queerness, finding transgender representation and how coming out impacted familial and romantic relationships. We also discuss dating stereotypes, communication in marriage and rooting for the bisexual community. Ever have issues finding a therapist? Moe has you covered.

Keep up with Moe: @loveoutproud, @beyourownlovegoals,


Shana: Strands for Trans - The world’s first registry of trans-affirming hair, beauty and wellness industries. Over 7,500 businesses and counting. Follow @strandsfortrans on IG 

Kris: Maurice Harris - Maurice Harris is a Los Angeles based artist who is best known as the visionary behind Bloom & Plume, a bespoke floral design studio located in Echo Park. He also founded Bloom & Plume Coffee shop in LA. Follow Maurice on IG @bloomandplume and his coffee shop @bloomandplumecoffee

Moe: xHood - @parentxhood on IG - Created by Mia Cooley. Community for Black queer people to build and nurture healthy families and parent happy children.   

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