Bad Queers

Live Googles | Episode 167

July 24, 2023 Shana & Kris Season 1 Episode 167
Bad Queers
Live Googles | Episode 167
Show Notes

This week in queer news, we chat about Caster Semenya's court case win but road ahead to competing again. We send our condolences to Michelle Dionne Peacock and Collin Smith after learning of their senseless, transphobia-fueled murders.  Shana shares her Women's World Cup picks. And give our first impressions and thoughts (lots of thoughts) on Hoodie Daddies, episode 1. Full recap to come.   In "Am I A Bad Queer?" we explain why it's not too gay to go see the Barbie movie and how to avoid spiraling after a breakup.


Shana: SAGE - The world’s largest and oldest organization dedicated to improving the lives of LGBTQ+ elders. Follow @sageusa on IG 

Kris: Natalie J. Harris, friend and past guest of the pod and director of PURE, is raising finishing funds for her new project Grace. We’ve spoke about Grace with Natalie on their episode but Grace is  A Black Southern Gothic narrative short film set in the 1950s about a young girl named Grace coming into her womanhood and sexuality. Any donations will help her reach her goal of $10k by 7/31 to complete the film.

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