Bad Queers

My Pleasure Has No Skips (w/Joshua Mackey) I Episode 164

July 03, 2023 Shana & Kris Season 1 Episode 164
Bad Queers
My Pleasure Has No Skips (w/Joshua Mackey) I Episode 164
Show Notes

This week we welcome Assistant Editor of INTO, Joshua Mackey, to discuss all of our feelings about 'The Age of Pleasure' by Janelle Monáe. We dig into the full discography, first thoughts and feelings upon listening and the emphasis of Black, Queer joy throughout the album. Bad Queer Opinions range from the cliquiest type of queers to our feelings around poppers.

WNBGAY - Pick up basketball for women, trans and gender nonconforming ballers at all levels. They have dope swag that Layshia Clarendon just wore before their LA Sparks game. They play every Tuesday and Thursday (based in LA). Follow and support @wnbgayy on IG 

Kris: Gorilla Rx Wellness Co. LA’s first Black Woman owned dispensary. They’re in Crenshaw if you’re visiting LA or live there, make sure you support. Follow on IG @gorillarxwellness

Josh: All the Black queer folks in higher education. Y'all are the literal unsung heroes and having to navigate folks trying to pull your identity apart - I am giving you your flowers 

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